Trump’s Entire “Obama Made Me Do It” Story Just Fell Apart, NBC Releases Report

Trump’s White House has tried to place blame on the Obama administration for granting former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn his top-secret security clearance. But, it turns out, that’s not true at all. The National Security Advisor role requires an entirely different type of clearance – Trump didn’t even have the right one issued yet.

NBC News is now reporting that Flynn was supposed to have received a new White House Security Clearance (but he didn’t) and the one that he had previously did not apply to the National Security Council position. That means, Trump hired Flynn into the position and he wasn’t even cleared.

The new information comes out shortly after it was discovered former President Obama personally advised Trump not to take on Flynn.

Trump maintains that Flynn “had the highest security clearance” by the Obama administration, but that is mere deflection. He didn’t have the right one, plain and simple. Either Trump is misinformed, negligent, or lying. Chances are he’s probably doing a little bit of all three.

Last month, Sally Yates testified that she informed the White House that Flynn could possibly have been compromised by Russian intelligence for information they had on Flynn and that it could even be used as blackmail. She gave her testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Even after she warned the White House, Trump decided to do nothing for weeks. Only when word of the story caught wind in the media, did Trump feel forced to act. He even came out publicly and said Flynn was a “good guy.”

But, he lied to Vice President Pence and Trump? That’s the real reason Trump made him resign? Or, maybe, just maybe, Flynn took the fall for Trump? Trump probably knew about his discussions with the Russian Ambassador the entire time – he was Trump’s right-hand man. That’s a more likely scenario.

Either way, Trump hired a guy into a position and he wasn’t even fully vetted yet. That’s the real story here. Total incompetence.

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