Republicans Tried To Hide Obamacare Replacement Bill. What Happened Next Is HILARIOUS

Incompetent Republican congresspeople have looking over an Obamacare replacement plan in secret to avoid criticism, but they accidentally hid the bill so well that they can’t find it anymore. Of course the bill will face scrutiny on the left since the details that we do currently have prove that the new healthcare plan will benefit the rich and screw over the poor.

But the bill was also facing criticism from Republican libertarians, most notably Rand Paul, who are fundamentally opposed to any government health care plan. Fearing discussion of the bill among all Republican members of the House, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and his allies met to discuss the bill in total secrecy. Originally the room they were in was known, but protected by four guards to keep Rand Paul and Democrats out.

Then Ryan decided that that arrangement was not secret enough, so they moved the bill. Now they can’t find it. The House Republicans are in a state of panic and chaos is reigning.

White House reporter Paul McLeod breaks it down:


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